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SFB 813

Welcome to the SFB 813 at Bonn University


Spin centers are atoms, ions, or molecules with unpaired electrons either in their electronic ground state or in one of their electronically excited states. Among the outstanding features of such systems are the potential for high and complex reactivity and the emergence of magnetic properties. Both aspects could be of tremendous utility in the design of novel materials and functional systems. The collaborative research center is determined to: a) develop new theoretical and experimental methods to study spin centers, b) to understand the mechanisms of their transformations in detail through a thorough combination of synthesis, spectroscopy, and quantum chemistry, and c) to use the emerging insights to create new reactions and to design multifunctional materials in a rational manner.

Podcast about the SFB 813.





SFB Coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Peter Vöhringer
Phone: +49-228-737055
Fax: +49-228-737049
e-mail: p.voehringer [at]
SFB Office:
Christina Reuter
Phone: +49-228-735375
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e-mail: sfb813 [at]
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Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry 
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